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Quality Assurance

Working on improving the quality of our educational programs is an ongoing focus at SBS Swiss Business School. To ensure that improvement occurs systematically, the principles of a quality assurance system were set out by the Executive Board.

This process of continuous improvement is reflected in Deming’s improvement cycle, known as the Plan-Do-Check-Act or PDCA cycle. A systematic PDCA approach leads to quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement.

Quality assurance is entirely the responsibility and property of SBS Swiss Business School. At each level, ambitions are articulated, goals are identified, process are established and assessments are made as to where improvements are needed. When external stakeholders are involved (such as employers, alumni, advisory councils), decisions are also made at each level about where, when and how improvements measures should be deployed, based on measurements or judgments.

Institutional Effectiveness

SBS Swiss Business School recognizes the importance of accountability and continuous improvement. To ensure that our objectives and standards are tested and improved, we have adopted a cyclical assessment process:

SBS Assessment Model

SBS Assessment Model

The academy quality and progress towards the goals set forth in the strategic plan are monitored by the office. We gather and analyze the data, distribute the information to all stakeholders and facilitate and advise on the assessment process. The material used can be internally generated or is derived from external sources; in addition the measures can be designated as direct or indirect. The office is involved in survey research, instructor evaluations, enrollment analysis, benchmarking, auditing and reporting.

  • Responsible person: Janice Stoudemire
  • Leader Accreditation Team: Dr. Bert Wolfs

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