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Success Stories

Our valued students represent the global community of today.  Here is what a few of them had to say about their experience at SBS Swiss Business School:

Accelerated BBA (ACC-BBA)

  • Silvan MeyenbergI decided to join SBS because of its reputation as Management institute and the well-trained and experienced lecturers. I profited from the modern learning styles of case studies and business projects. The flexible schedule allowed me both, to continue working and attending classes. I would like to give special thanks to the service provided by the Administration team of SBS. Furthermore I appreciated the support of my employer for the practical input of the final thesis required to complete the program. All in all SBS gave me the fundamentals for a career of the global economy. Silvan Meyenberg ACC-BBA


    • Samuel Chamberlin My knowledge about the business world has expanded, and it would not have been so without the amazing classmates I was presented with throughout all three years! Their different backgrounds, cultures and experiences also helped to make me better in many aspects. I am excited to see what the future holds, and I wish everyone coming to SBS Swiss Business School much success! Samuel Chamberlin BBA Student
    • Franziska KlauserI would say that this was one of the best academic experiences I have ever had. I was able to gain so much knowledge and experience from the great faculty and staff that SBS Swiss Business School had to offer. I was able to learn so much more than just theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge about the business world. The various courses benefited me by providing me with a range of useful business skills such as: team-work, networking and strategically framing thought processes. I was able to create relationships with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. They were bright, highly motivated and dynamic individuals who offered me a different perspective of the world. Franziska Klauser BBA Alumna
    • The Bachelor program at SBS was a very valuable experience for me. It has helped to understand the fundamental principles of economics and management and has taught me to apply these in a realistic context. After successfully finishing my studies at SBS I will return to pursuing my scientifical education, studying chemistry at the ETH. Therefore I value the experience at SBS for having provided me with a business and management view of things. Having finished my secondary studies I intend to work in the energy industry, focusing on sustainable solutions for replacing fossil fuel based energy. David Scholz BBA
    • During my studies I enjoyed the cultural diversity of SBS’ teaching staff which taught me to look at things from different angles and to consider different points of view. I also viewed it a big advantage that classes at SBS tend to be smaller than is the case with state universities and lager business schools. As a result, the learning process was very focused and efficient. The lecturers were always easily accessible and ready to help with further explanations and discussions.

      Finally, when I started to apply for jobs I was positively surprised by the good standing SBS Swiss Business School enjoys in the market. It took me only a few applications to find a job in wealth management, the area I was most interested in. All in all I would say that my studies at SBS Swiss Business School were a good investment. Valentin Heinemann BBA
    • Manuel KuchenThe dean, professors and administrative staff were always striving to meet the highest possible service quality. It is the dedication and commitment of their team that sets SBS apart from other schools. Manuel Kuchen BBA


      • The Valeriia Sapronovachoice of the educational institution is very important for every young person. The choice of the profession is even more important as it influences the whole life. From the early stages of my life I was watching how my family step by step achieved their goals. I always knew that I want to become a manager and open my own business. I chose SBS Swiss Business School for the following reasons, SBS Swiss Business School provides students with a high quality business education in English and the diversity of the classes and extra-curricular activities is extensive with an opportunity to take maximum out of it.  In my opinion, the strong point of SBS is its faculty. Every professor is experienced and teaches the subject from a practical point of view, supplementing the theory with case studies, in-class exercises and real-world examples. Nevertheless the courses are tough, teachers structure the lessons in a way, that every student can participate, and everyone in the class learns a lot of new and interesting information every day. All teachers do their best to respond to needs and wants of each individual student at all times, also supporting and giving advice outside classrooms.
        Valeriia Sapronova MSc
      • Ranganathan Ramasubramanian SBS fosters a competitive environment to propel us for the ever changing world in the field of International Management. The amount of motivation and enthusiasm that each teacher exudes shows how much they want you to excel in your subject. A really unique experience with students from multicultural countries working together to achieve a common goal. Ranganathan Ramasubramanian MSc

        Full Time MBA

        • Rogerio Batista On the SBS MBA program I developed a solid understanding for international finance, marketing, economics among others subjects which contributed immensely to my career development at Infrassure and to being considered for more complex roles within the organization. Rogerio Batista MBA
        • Maria Cecilia MarizSBS was a must to my career development. After 7 years working in the banking industry in a managerial position I started a MBA at SBS and it was definitely the right choice. The knowledge and skills I got there, the multi cultural approaches of negotiation, the global view of the market, not to mention the great friends I got there were only few of the reasons why SBS was essential to my professional and personal life. I just got the best job I could imagine in the financial markets and this course was mandatory to get this position. I strongly recommend this course to all of them who are willing to grow professionally. Maria Cecilia Mariz MBA
        • Santiago Albo Having gone through SBS's full-time MBA, has helped me to understand how the global economy and its companies work. Now I'm helping local SME's to become global and more innovative. SBS has provided me with the tools, knowledge and vision to do it successfully. Santiago Albo MBA
        • Christiana Borjia The experience of doing a Marketing MBA at SBS Swiss Business School was excellent.  The program and assignments contributed largely to my understanding of strategies and their implementation.  It was a challenging and stimulating experience.

          Christiana Borjia MBA
        • Ingi PalssonThe MBA program in European Finance and Banking at SBS Swiss Business School has given me the opportunity to pursue my career objectives within the finance and banking The courses at SBS have given me the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills experience and confidence I need as a future businessperson. I would recommend highly the MBA program in European Finance and Banking offered at SBS.

          Ingi Palsson MBA
        • In order to get business people attention, you need to be different. And I got credibility of being "different" by completing MBA studies at SBS Swiss Business School, without changing myself, just adding value from this highly international institution. But this is only the form, the "packaging". What really matters is the enriched substance one gets from colleagues, lecturers and cases and someone else's experiences...  ...and I consider myself a very rich man in that aspect. Dragan Petrovic MBA
        • From the administrative staff, to the multi-cultured students, to the teachers to the dean, all contributed to my success by bringing out the best in me and by continuously infusing me with the right motivation techniques to never give up no matter how hard it got at times. They all made sure you sat in those classes to succeed. The sessions were insightful, interactive, and practical. With classes ranging anywhere between human resources and international strategic management, SBS never stopped amazing me with its fully loaded educational program. Alexia Iskenderian-Alex MBA
        • Rodolfo Mendez Studying at SBS has been the most unique academic experience I’ve ever had. Through SBS I had the opportunity to share and learn from senior executives coming from a diverse range of international backgrounds. SBS strives to develop global business and social capabilities. Groups are keen to broaden their experience by learning from both their colleagues as well as the faculty. The MBA program prepared me to advance my career within the international arena and to approach business problems with a mix of practical as well as theoretical knowledge. It has been definitely a great experience. Rodolfo Mendez MBA
        • Christine Rehfeldt After working at Cargolux for three years, I felt that I needed to go back to school and get my Master degree and enhance my knowledge about business and entrepreneurship. Coincidentally, thanks to my business associates, I found SBS Swiss Business School. Thereafter, I had my first interview with the Academic Dean Dr. Bert Wolfs, who told me that SBS would change my life. At first I was astonished by this comment, but now, as I am finished with my Master degrees, it has indeed changed my life. I not only expanded my knowledge in business but also learning about people, culture, openness in society and mostly my own confidence in progress in my future career. Therefore, I thank SBS and the staff for giving me this opportunity as well as encouraging me, and always being supportive in accomplishing my goals. Christine Rehfeldt MBA

          Flex MBA

          • Bjarke Braendgaard In order to successfully operate in a complex world, you need a solid foundation of knowledge in various fields. With a MBA from SBS Swiss Business School your business understanding gets developed, so you are ready to take up new challenges. SBS Swiss Business School is truly international which gives an interesting learn environment, were things can be seen from different perspectives. I enjoyed the structure of the MBA, were class room education is concentrated around one weekend each Month. This setup gives you the flexibility you need when you take the MBA in parallel with your professional job. Bjarke Braendgaard Manager Operational Excellence, Gate Gourmet
          • Viktor Jasansky Studying the MBA at SBS enables me to complement my hands-on professional experience with latest ideas from the academia. The professors use a pragmatic approach to learning, by supporting real-life business cases with theory. Such approach, combined with cultural and professional diversity among students, allows us to have creative discussions and come up with unique solutions to business problems and professional dilemmas we face. This is exactly what I wanted to experience in order to advance my career. Viktor Jasansky Business Controller at ABB
          • Dana Daneshvari As a global technical owner of 3 commercial Biotechnological products, leading local and global teams to successful product life cycle at Johnson & Johnson, world’s biggest health care company, the MBA at SBS Swiss Business School provided me with necessary skills to develop a solid understanding of the managerial and financial aspects of the business as well. The Flex MBA program allowed me to maintain my full-time position at J&J while learning valuable subjects such as Economics, Financial Management, Managerial Accounting, Operations Management, International Finance & Banking, Marketing Management, and Business Value & Ethics. Thanks to excellent Professors & staffs, great organization of courses, and diverse classmates, the whole experience at SBS was a joy and something to remember. Dana Daneshvari Drug Product Technical Owner in Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
          • Casper van der Elst I am impressed by my own development while attending the Flex MBA at SBS. Many of the lessons learned could be used directly in business. I like the monthly modular cycles, where the schedule enables me to be flexible, intensively study a subject, finish it and focus on the next subject. It's also great for networking. Casper van der Elst Senior Associate at Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd
          • Emiliano BurgosOur Professors and Administrative Staff was always there to support us when needed, with feedback, suggestions, instructions and guidelines that helped me develop confidence and move forward with the topic of my Thesis and successfully obtain my MBA qualification. I can only recommend SBS Swiss Business School for any serious professional who is looking forward to take on the challenge to learn, make an effort, share knowledge, grow and succeed with business and management careers.

            Emiliano Burgos Hub BU-Service Manager in Process Industry local business unit of ABB Switzerland Ltd.
          • Sreelatha Kanvey The program has given me a valuable experience working through real life business. The SBS MBA has helped me to achieve a vast knowledge on various business traits. Every class session is challenging, it promotes critical thinking and provides the students every opportunity to build a robust skill-set applicable to different business divisions. The program has given me a great deal of confidence and has honed my skill-set helping me to develop myself not only in my professional career but on a personal level as well.

            Sreelatha Kanvey Flex-MBA
          • Natasha Glodek Considering the international diversity of my class, the nature of the discussions has been positively different as compared to those during undergraduate studies. Moreover, given the increasingly interconnected business world in which we live, I feel that I have gained a more insightful holistic perspective regarding how I approach business decisions. While the sense of peer camaraderie cannot be beat, SBS has provided an open place to not only share thought-provoking input, but also invaluable personal business experiences. Natasha Glodek Flex-MBA
          • Vincenzo Russo SBS offered me all the tools I needed to remain successful in my career, especially in times of change.
            The excellent combination of finance, strategy, marketing, legal and leadership modules allowed me to achieve a sense of confidence, which made me feel at ease in every situation. Vincenzo Russo Flex-MBA
          • Kristina Møller Christensen When I recently applied for a new job (in a new company and outside of supply chain) I was asked to give a presentation at the second interview. I presented on my thesis topic from the Flex MBA – they were fascinated by the topic, saying that it was very much in line with what they worked with, and I got the job. Kristina Møller Christensen Flex-MBA
          • Sophie Rouvenaz In today's dynamic marketplace, successful managers must be innovative and entrepreneurial, combining an academic knowledge of business functions with specific skills and experience in their areas of responsibility. The SBS Flex MBA provided me with this expertise. These studies gave me the opportunity to realize my own entrepreneurial project thanks to the analyses I learned, multicultural exchanges at SBS and an uninterrupted professional experience.

            Sophie Rouvenaz Flex-MBA
          • Gustavo Steffens Attending the Flex MBA program at SBS School has been one of the most important personal decisions I have ever made. The Flex MBA allows the perfect combination between practical experience and theoretical background.  One of the program`s most noticeable traits is the participants` broad international and professional background.  After having attended the program I feel much more confident by taking decisions at work. This experience has made me grow both in personal and professional sense.

            Gustavo Steffens Flex MBA
          • Kevin Crowe I have found the MBA program at SBS Swiss Business School to be both challenging and rewarding. Its relevancy and practical approach to complex business situations, in a global context, is very valuable. I am confident that the knowledge and leadership skills gained through this MBA program will serve me well in my future business endeavours. Kevin Crowe Flex-MBA
          • Flavio Macorig The Flex-MBA program allowed me to maintain a full-time position in my company while having the opportunity to learn, practice and improve my skills in a wide range of topics needed to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s workplace. Flavio Macorig Flex-MBA
          • Jesper Egebjerg Joining the SBS Swiss Business School’s Flex MBA program has been a unique and challenging learning experience. I have gained a practical and useful management perspective on current developments and techniques. I particularly enjoyed the real case study approach and the diversification in subjects, as well as the multicultural environment. The flexibility of the program was outstanding and allowed me to study with a healthy work-life balance. I am confident of a high return on my investment.

            Jesper Egebjerg Flex MBA
          • Ekaterina Van Hussen Since the very beginning of your studies you are taken onto a “journey” and you begin to see the world from a different angle. In this development I discovered myself and my capabilities. The program is indeed a journey of discoveries that open new possibilities and generate an experience that you’ll never forget. I strongly recommend for people who are still deciding: just go for an MBA at SBS... You’ll understand what I mean. Ekaterina Van Hussen Flex MBA
          • Peter Anetsberger Lifelong learning is an excellent opportunity for everyone. Studying at SBS gives me the possibility to combine my work experience with new theories of international business. This enables me to become a better global Manager in all fields and to take new challenges in the future.

            Peter Anetsberger Flex-MBA
          • Ron Egli The MBA education at SBS Swiss Business School gave me the opportunity to continue my career in another industry and position. Ron Egli Flex MBA

            Executive MBA

            • Alessandro Castagnetti Thank you for the beautiful graduation day, and once again thank you for everything. It has been a very interesting and fruitful journey. Alessandro Castagnetti Executive MBA
            • Vivien GrajzThe different courses were carried out by excellent professors with high academic and practical knowledge and contact with both teaching staff and administration was always a positive experience. The executive MBA program has definitely added value to my marketability and has been a great experience. Vivien Grajz Executive MBA
            • Milan AndjicSBS is an institution dedicated to business education with internationally established reputation. For example, its rankings among top MBA online programs at Financial Times speak for itself. The educational outcomes are precious, and I am applying them daily in the field of TIME technologies (Telecommunications, IT, Media and Entertainment). Completing the E-MBA at SBS was for sure one of the enablers for my professional undertakings, and I warmly recommend it not only to my acquaintances, but to my close colleagues and friends as well.

              Milan Andjic Executive-MBA
            • Gautam RandhawaI am extremely pleased with my decision to pursue the Executive MBA at SBS. It has excellent faculty members delivering well balanced contents from both theoretical and practical aspects, professionally in a multicultural environment. I am confident that learning will help me overcome many challenges to come in the ever evolving and dynamic business environment.

              Gautam Randhawa Executive MBA
            • Thierry Kebila, NgouessiMy aspiration towards global leadership opportunities has led me to join the Executive MBA at SBS Swiss Business School in Switzerland. I have found the program being dynamic, shaping and empowering in term of improving skills that are enablers to face and to rise to the global market’s challenges. I am convinced that those five semesters at SBS of intensive learning from classmates, instructors and professors will become an essential asset for my future professional and entrepreneurial ventures. Thierry Kebila, Ngouessi Executive MBA
            • Hanspeter HaefligerThe SBS Executive MBA program is a terrific blend of theory and practice, providing many opportunities to take what I had learned and apply it in the workplace. I am now able to tackle complex business issues with greater confidence and a broad perspective. The program has provided tremendous value to me and was an excellent career platform. Hanspeter Häfliger Executive MBA
            • Ildiko Izsak The SBS Swiss Business School MBA program has greatly improved my ability to develop solutions to strategic managerial and financial business problems. Managerial and strategic issues in an international context are recurring themes throughout the program and are of increasing relevance in today's global economy. Ildiko Izsak Executive MBA
            • Richard Ernst The SBS Swiss Business School program provided me with a solid foundation for a future in management in a constantly changing global business environment. Richard D. Ernst Executive MBA

              Online MBA

              • Dr. Ramin Radpour SBS, using the very valuable and nicely organized Online MBA program, provides the opportunity to meet and learn from excellent professors and academic team. Thanks to the quality of the courses and the professors, the MBA gave me the opportunity to put myself at the forefront in dealing with different management issues. I really enjoyed the teacher-student feedback, the contents of the courses and the framing offered. Moreover, I have an excellent memory of the professors who were always there to answer and to help. Dr. Ramin Radpour Clinical Researcher, University Hospital of Bern, Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Oncology
              • Pedro Iglesia González Coming from a technical background in the automotive field, the Online MBA program at SBS has provided me with critical new knowledge and practical experiences thereby contributing to grow my capabilities in the business acumen. The learning experience, with leading professors from around the globe, seamlessly communicated via a great digital e-learning platform has allowed to combine my full time job with global mobility and my learning experience.

                The modules, tools and structure of the program has also given me enough flexibility to do all the extra professional activities I wanted to achieve throughout the program, thereby, enjoying a valuable work, study and social life balance in a connected environment.

                The balance of the course between theory and practice in either case studies, teamwork activities and challenging entrepreneurship oriented projects translate into a valuable and distinguished learning experience.

                As a student and as a marketing professional, I can only recommend the learning experience at SBS Swiss Business School for any professional that’s is looking to take their career and experience into a new dimension, better prepared.

                As Benjamin Franklin said: “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail” with the Online MBA from SBS you will be fully prepared to face the professional challenges ahead. Pedro Iglesia González Training Development Specialist at John Deere


                • Stephen Gardner It’s great working together with a diverse group of people, committed to creating something greater than the sum of its parts. Our different experiences lead to much "learning fun". Stephen Gardner Director of Investor Relations, Credit Suisse
                • Viktor Prokopenya I found the SBS DBA program to be a completely transformational experience. Science, not politics, is the most powerful force in transforming the world on a macro scale. During the doctorate program, one can expand one’s horizons and get a unique and informed perspective of the world, both from within academia and from the “outside” worlds of business science. For me personally, there is nothing more exciting than that. This experience gets you to a different level in everything you do, in terms of the way you think about the world as well as how to solve practical everyday problems. The doctorate degree is the highest academic degree and it is definitely worth the time, even though it requires significant commitment and organization. I would recommend SBS Swiss Business School to anyone who is passionate about science, who wants to get a greater worldview, and who wants to help to make the world a better place, faster. Viktor Prokopenya Founder, VP Capital
                • Dr. Anthony Chibo-ChristopherAs a proud graduate of the Swiss business school DBA program, I know that it not only trains one to become an even better manager, but also trains one into becoming a scholar and researcher able to publish in academic journals and move seamlessly between the business and academic world. With my already successful business career and an MBA, my going through and graduating from the SBS DBA program has enabled me to complement my knowledge as a business practitioner by becoming a scholar and now able to contribute new knowledge to professional practice as well as the academic world. The research skills I have learnt have enabled me to broadening and extend my capability profile. Dr. Anthony Chibo-Christopher Business and Development Strategist and Economist
                  CEO Sun Business Strategies and Research

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